Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jewish leaders are calling for pan-European legislation outlawing "anti-Semitism"

Jews will never be happy until all gentiles are their slaves.


Anonymous said...

All the laws in the world aren't going to change anything in Europe now that Europe has been flooded with Third World immigrants.

There's laws in Europe against arson of course, that doesn't stop the Muslims/Mohammedans from going on arson riots. There's laws in Europe against rape of course, that doesn't stop the Muslims/Mohammedans from going on their rape jihads.

Even if they pass this "anti-Semitism" law, the Jews in Europe will still be surrounded by the third world. That's what the Jews wanted, that's what Jews agitated so much for, massive third world immigration into Europe [ like the Jews agitate here so ardently for].

Their synagogues will still get vandalized just like the Catholic churches are getting vandalized. They will still have to worry every day that will get attacked on the streets and when they go to their synagogues, just like Catholics in Europe worry about getting attacked on the streets qua Catholics and Catholics get attacked while going in and out of Catholic churches in Europe, because the same thing is happening to Catholics in Europe.

If they pass this law, hardly anything is going to change, so it really doesn't matter.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

How about a law outlawing anti-Whiteness.

Anonymous said...

Good point Anonymous at 9:06 AM, but our White political/religious/cultural leadership, or more correctly, White so-called "leadership", are totally useless spineless f*cktards.

In many ways,though, we get the leadership we deserve. In this case, we get the lack of leadership we deserve. Whites wanted/still want, a "do your own thing" culture. Whites did everything they could to reject White Christian authority. We now got Jew authority and Mohammedan authority. While Whites were busy rejecting Christian authority and "doing your own thing", the Jews and the Mohammedans stepped into the authority void and took over. We now got a weird fusion, an alchemical fusion, of Jew and Mohammedan/Muslim authority. Which basically means hard-core totalitarianism.

If a people do not have self-discipline, do not have a love of their heritage and culture and history, do not care about anything but "do your own thing", an outside force will step in to give such a people discipline. And considering how many Whites do NOT care about their heritage, culture, history, qua White Westerners, it's real easy for the Jews and the Mohammedans and other foreign peoples to promote their respective religions and cultures. In many fundamental ways, we get the lack of leadership we deserve. Our leadership does represent us, as so many Whites do NOT want a true White, Western culture. It would require too much self-discipline, and it would require too much loyalty to one another. A loyalty severely lacking on all levels of White society, not just amongst our leaders, but amongst all levels of White society, high to low, and in-between.

As long as "god is dead" "do your own thing" Existentialism is the regnant "religion" of the White Race, nothing, but nothing, nothing good is going to accrue to us, nothing. France now is the epitome of what happens to a people who reject their very own religion, culture, heritage, and then turn to worship Existentialism, but the whole White Western world is very similar to the French. We're now "free" to only negative critique ourselves and our heritage and culture, and no one else's ; It's becoming encoded in law now. But the new laws only reflect what has been going on culturally in our White societies since the 1960s, if not earlier. And most Whites, at least from the 1960s were -- and still are -- full on-board with the agenda of only negatively critiquing and rejecting our own White, Western culture and heritage and no one else's. Many Whites actively promote foreign cultures while simultaneously rejecting their very own culture. It's been this way since the 60s at least. The new laws reflect what so many Whites have been doing for the last 60 years, if not earlier.

fuggedaboudit as they say in the Big Apple.

From : Salvatore

Luke Raines said...

How about a law outlawing anti-Whiteness

We wouldn't need a law like that if we would just round up the Jews and all the Third World savages and deport them out of the United States and Europe.

Average Joe said...