Monday, October 8, 2012

Black police chief retires over sex scandal in Detroit

Mayor Dave Bing announced at a press conference that Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee submitted a sudden letter of retirement following claims that the city’s police chief was involved in a relationship with a subordinate. Bing made it clear that Godbee wasn’t fired, saying leaving was his own decision. But he did support Godbee’s decision. Bing added that Godbee apologized for letting him down. “I got to know Chief Godbee well over his tenure and respected him as a person who was very involved in our community, respected in our community,” Bing said. “It bothers me, it hurts me a great deal that it has come to this. I worry about him as a person and hope that he is able to get on with his life.” In his retirement letter, Godbee touted his 25-year career, never mentioning the scandal that ensnared him at the end. Bing suspended Godbee for 30 days from his $140,400-a-year post after a lawyer for internal affairs officer Angelica Robinson revealed that the two had been involved in a sexual relationship. Angelica Robinson’s attorney, David Robinson, stated that his client was trying to cut off the relationship and that Godbee “didn’t like that.” David Robinson said that Godbee had other officers locate 37-year-old Angelica Robinson and put her under surveillance after she posted a photo on Twitter that showed her with her service weapon in her mouth. Angelica Robinson, who is married, allegedly took the photo after becoming irate when Godbee, who is currently in the process of divorcing his wife, went to a police conference in California with another woman. The mayor hired Godbee two years ago after firing his predecessor Warren Evans, in part because of similar charges involving a subordinate, Lt. Monique Patterson. Godbee also had a romantic relationship with Patterson before she began dating Evans and when she was Godbee’s subordinate. The relationship between Godbee and Patterson was made public after Godbee was named interim chief. Bing subsequently issued a statement insisting he wouldn’t fire Godbee for having an affair with a subordinate.
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