Saturday, October 6, 2012

Working class whites are the main losers from racial/ethnic preferences

Researchers have found that eliminating affirmative action would reduce the number of black students by about 60%, and the number of Hispanic students by about one-third, at selective private schools. Most of those spots would likely go to whites who are not eligible for affirmative action.


Anonymous said...

Why are Asians ignored in American statistics all-the-time? Is it so Asians get a free ride? Is it to tie white people with black and brown people and visa versa? The U.S. doesn't just have white (European), black and Latino people. Middle Easterners (including Jews) and Asians are factors too. East Asians and Jews will work the system regardless of affirmative action policies. Jews will use the white category to hide behind the gross and undeserved representation they have in colleges or top fields and the active disenfranchisement of white people. When affirmative action is taken away East Asians will flood the system because they are focused on test taking like no other race. Whether affirmative action exists or not the game now is to reduce white representation and inflate non-white representation. Affirmative action was voted down in California schools in 1998. Since then white representation has fallen dramatically in California's top colleges while Asians have skyrocketed. White people think that if affirmative action goes away that it's smooth sailing from there.

An Indian forensic chemist in Boston named Annie Dookhan has been caught manipulating evidence for the last 9 years.

Anonymous said...

Abolishing affirmative action would not only reduce the number of NAMs in selective schools, but also shift their distribution so that almost all of them would be in the least selective schools, and very few in places like Harvard.

Richard Hoste once showed that more than 90 percent of blacks who got admitted to the top six law schools would not have been admitted without affirmative action.

Anonymous said...

Noticing asians means pointing out demographic trends, something the elite would hope we don't spot.

Anonymous said...

It is not enough to just end affirmative action. We must also get back to a pro-white immigration policy.