Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Millions of British Labor voters have deserted the party in protest over mass immigration

A poll reveals that nearly eight in ten former Labor voters support drastic curbs on migrant numbers. It also shows huge support for sharp cuts in arrivals among those who have remained with the party. In 1997, some 13.5 million voted for Labor, but by the 2010 election that had fallen to 8.6 million. Analysis of the views of some of the five million "lost" Labor voters by YouGov shows 78% want net migration cut to zero. Pollsters also found that two-thirds of Labor party loyalists backed zero net migration. Labor’s open-door migration policy led to the largest population explosion in Britain since the Saxon invasion. Between 1997 and 2010 the foreign-born population of Britain increased by three million, while nearly a million British citizens left the country.


Anonymous said...

To where did they go? is there any unified resistance to immigration there, or are they dispersed among a variety of parties?

Anonymous said...

They probably went to the Tories or one of the minor parties such as the BNP. Or they may just have stopped voting.