Monday, November 12, 2012

A black man has been taken into custody as a person of interest three days after his grandfather and aunt were found brutally beaten to death inside a blazing Houston. Texas house

Pastor Clements Vincent Dorsey Sr, 89, a beloved pillar of his east Houston community, and his daughter, Barbara Ann Dorsey Alexander, 61, who had been visiting from California, were discovered by firefighters alerted to a fire at the home. Cameron Dorsey, 20, was seen speeding away from the family property in his grandfather's Toyota 4-Runner that day but had not shown his face again until neighbors spotted him sneaking around the church where Dorsey Sr was pastor. Knowing that police wished to question the man in relation to the murders, a woman well-acquainted with Cameron Dorsey called 911. Also discovered in the house with the bludgeoned bodies was the pastor's wife, unharmed. Police say that she suffers from dementia and believe that she slept through the horrific ordeal. Detectives explained that Cameron Dorsey had been living with his grandfather since being released from jail where he served time for theft, while another family member confirmed that the pastor had raised the boy since he was 2 years old.

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