Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Israel’s haredi Interior Minister Eli Yishai has ordered police and cities across the country to shut down businesses owned by African refugees

Yishai wants police and cities to close all unlicensed businesses owned by refugees, including unlicensed business owned by the few African refugees who have been granted official refugee status by the government. Under Yishai’s plan, the government would close the businesses, and the refugee owners could also be fined and even imprisoned. Israel does not provide African refugees with financial, housing or food assistance, and has refused to honestly process refugees’ applications for official refugee status, turning down almost every African refugee who has applied, even though many, if not most, absolutely qualify for official status under international treaties Israel signed. Without legal refugee status, refugees can’t legally work in Israel or own and operate businesses there. "The migrants are a danger to the future and identity of the state of Israel. I’m glad to see that the attorney general supports my decision,” Yishai said.


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How many Jewish lawyers would be all over this if a similar situation happened in the United States, Canada, Great Britain or any other European-made country? Jews are the leaders of European destruction. They won't be happen until European people are gone.