Saturday, November 17, 2012

Detectives are looking for a Hispanic who botched a residential burglary, leaving behind his car, evidence and photos of himself

Police have identified Miguel Luna, 25, as the man who kicked in the front door of a home, Los Angeles police said. Luna chose the house despite several posted surveillance security signs. “He kicked in the door of the home near high noon, leaving his footprint below the door knob. He began ransacking a bedroom, not realizing the owner was asleep in another room,” Lt. Paul Vernon said. Luna was confronted by the homeowner and begged him not to call authorities, claiming that he was a friend of of the owner’s daughter. “The owner finally chased him out of the home, picked up a hoe from the yard, and hit Luna over the head,” said Vernon. Luna was knocked unconscious for a short time before he got up and walked away, leaving his 1989 Honda in the victim’s driveway, full of items stolen from the home. The attempted burglary was caught on the home’s surveillance system. “This crime scene was really a study in how to get caught,” Vernon explained. “Every manner of evidence was present: video surveillance, blood DNA from the hoe, pictures on the iPad, footprint on the door, a traffic citation with signature, a car, finger prints, and eyewitness identification.”


Jeremy Norton said...

Nice one! A gift to the police.

Anonymous said...

You would think crime would be the one thing that Hispanics would get right.