Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why did Romney lose the election?

A lot of people will argue that Romney lost because the GOP did not pander enough to Hispanics or because of its position on abortion but I think the main reason is that there was a drop in the white working class vote particularly in rural areas. Most white working class people don't like Obama or his policies but many view the Republicans as a party of and for the rich. If the GOP wants to win in 2016 they will have to convince white working class voters that the party will represent their interests and not just those of the rich. One way to do this would be to criticize companies that outsource their labor to places like China. Another would be to come out against immigration. Now many in the Democratic party and the media would condemn the Republicans as racists for doing this but they are going to condemn the GOP as racists anyway!

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Anonymous said...

The GOP needs to bring home the bacon to voters who are not rich. The GOP gives tax breaks to the wealthy and does everything it can for the business class including keeping immigration high. Another thing is every GOP nominee since Gerald Ford in 1976 except George W. Bush has been over the age of 60 when they got the nomination. The GOP is not nominating younger candidates who will attract new voters. The GOP rightly is seen as the party of the old and rich.