Sunday, March 31, 2013

African king lives on public assistance in Virginia

The last king of Rwanda lives in low-income housing, at a dead end between US Route 66 and State Route 655 in Oakton. He is 76 years old now. His working-class neighbors in the complex of connected Section 8 townhouses know little about his faraway homeland. But Kigeli V Ndahindurwa has lived at the Oak Creek Apartments long enough to have won an honorific. “They call me the King of Africa,” Kigeli said. He gets by on food stamps, a Section 8 housing subsidy, Medicaid, and private donations of cash and clothing, as well as the occasional sale of Rwandan knighthoods to jet-set strangers in search of novelty status symbols.


gnigs_r_vermin said...

Even their so called kings are welfare parasites. A true race of losers

Anonymous said...

I think the spelling should "Afrikan Kang, holla back!"