Sunday, March 10, 2013

In China, rich men want white-skinned wives

For Yang, Joy City is not so much a consumer mecca as an urban Serengeti that she prowls for potential wives for some of China’s richest bachelors. Yang, 28, is one of China’s premier love hunters, a new breed of matchmaker that has proliferated in the country’s economic boom. The company she works for, Diamond Love and Marriage, caters to China’s nouveaux riches: men, and occasionally women, willing to pay tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars to outsource the search for their ideal spouse. In Joy City, Yang gave instructions to her eight-scout team, one of six squads the company was deploying in three cities for one Shanghai millionaire. This client had provided a list of requirements for his future wife, including her age (22 to 26), skin color (“white as porcelain”) and sexual history (yes, a virgin).


Anonymous said...

Skin bleach and plastic surgery to look white is very common among East Asians. There are videos online showing East Asian celebrities radical before and after photos.

Anonymous said...

I prefer my women with their skin on, white of course.

Anonymous said...

Did they show pictures of Michael Jackson before and after?