Sunday, March 17, 2013

The black principal of a New York City elementary school rife with bullying and violence is an amateur actress who starred as a murderous gangster in a low budget movie

Parents and teachers at PS 132, a school based in same area of the Bronx where a black 23-year-old recently butchered his mother and littered her body parts around the neighborhood, are outraged at the example Anissa Chalmers is setting for students. Chalmers is under investigation by the Department of Education, though the allegations against the 40-year-old aren't clear. In the gruesome 2009 film, called Gang Girl, her character Queen V ends up on death row after a rampage of robbing, raping and slaughtering. For her initiation into the gang, Queen V shoots an innocent woman and later she rapes and kills a man in a revenge attack then slays three others. "Open, motherf***er. You like the way that tastes, n*****" she says in the film before putting a gun in a man's mouth and pulling the trigger. Approximately 172 student incidents have been reported at Chalmers' school over 112 days in the current academic year. The vast majority were offenses such as smoking, swearing and mistreating school property but others were fights among students. Chalmers earns $129,920 a year and has been principal for around six years but some claim that she's a bad role model for the students. "She's like the 'Gang Girl' principal," one teacher said. "The video is reflective of her personality at school — the bullying, in-your-face approach. She can be very intimidating." The Department of Education rated PS 132 a D overall but in the student performance and school environment categories it scored an F. An eight-year-old student at the school used a razor to slash the neck of a nine-year-old classmate in June 2012. Haifa Soto said that her son, Zahid Benzan, 10, cracked his front tooth during an altercation with another student in 2012 but she said that the principal wouldn't file a report or get the police involved. "She just told me, "Go to the dentist,"" Soto said. In 2008, two school secretaries were arrested and charged with stealing $200,000 in school money. They were put on probation and ordered to pay back $106,000.

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