Monday, December 22, 2014

England: A South Asian father-of-four dragged a young pub worker off the street and raped her for three hours saying "you white women are good at it"

The white woman, who is in her 20s, was walking home from work in Bedford at around 11 P.M. when she was grabbed by Abdul Ghafoor, 33, who forced her into undergrowth. Ghafoor had drunk five rum drinks when he came up behind her and bundled her into the bushes where he began sexually assaulting her in an attack that lasted from 11:25 P.M. until 2:45 A.M. The victim had sent a WhatsApp message to her sister when she left work on May 30, 2014 to say that she was walking to their flat. But the married father-of-four, who had earlier propositioned two other white woman, demanded that the woman perform a sex act on him saying "you white girls are good at it". She was able to send a second message to her sister saying "help me" before he smashed her phone. At one point she managed to make a run for it when Ghafoor vomited as a result of the alcoholic drinks he had downed, but he caught her and took her back into the undergrowth. Her sister had raised the alarm and the victim heard the police helicopter overhead as a major search was launched to find her. Eventually Ghafoor allowed her to get dressed and walked out on to the the road with her saying she should accompany him into town, but they were seen by police inspector, Jamie Longwith. She got into the officer's car while Ghafoor made an attempt to escape but was caught. Prosecutor at Luton Crown Court, Sally Hobson, said that Ghafoor's attack had a racial aspect as he had made comments about the sort of behavior white women would engage in. "He made racially aggravated comments to the effect that this is the sort of behavior that white women would engage in. If he saw her again she would give him a blow job," she said. "She was a white woman and he believed it was okay to behave in this way. It was a stranger rape of a young woman going about her business in her home town she she ought to feel safe." A jury found him guilty by majority verdicts of three offences of assault by penetration, two offences of rape, false imprisonment and assaulting the woman occasioning her actual bodily harm. They found him not guilty of a third offence of rape but guilty by a majority of an alternative offence of attempted rape. Judge Richard Foster passed a life sentence for public protection saying that he regarded Ghafoor as a dangerous offender. If he had not received life he would have sentenced him to 18 years, which means that Ghafoor cannot be considered for parole until he has served 9 years.

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Anonymous said...

If a White man committed a rape like this, it would be International News by now, and all the White feminists would be up-in-arms already. We'd never hear the end of it, if a White man committed a rape like this on a White woman, and if a White man committed a rape like this on a precious minority woman of colour. But either way, the White women would be up-in-arms about it. Of course, if a White man did this to a colored women, ALL blacks and dark-skinned minorities would be up-in-arms about it, in addition to White women being real angry about what the horrible White man did.

But as it was a precious minority man of colour rapist, you won't hear anything about this horrible rape from the White feminists.

As White women look at every White man as a potential rapist, the blacks and other dark-skinned minority guys are raping White women left-and-right-and-every-which-way.

I don't worry about it, though, 'cause women are tough, and women can protect themselves, and they can protect themselves better than men can protect them, 'cause women can do anything men can do and women can do it better.

Modern-day White women don't give White men very much incentive to actually go out and protect them, they really don't.

From : Salvatore