Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jewish professor apologizes to Chinese restaurant for going nuts because they overcharged him by $4

The Harvard Business School instructor who blasted a Boston-area Chinese restaurant for overcharging him by $4 on a takeout order has apologized. Associate professor Benjamin Edelman posted a message on his personal website saying that his lengthy emails with Sichuan Garden's management were "out of line" and that he has reached out to the restaurant to apologize. Edelman complained to the Brookline restaurant after it charged him $1 more on each of the four items that he ordered for takeout recently. The restaurant acknowledged the prices listed on its website were out of date and promised to update them soon. But Edelman demanded a $12 refund, citing state law. He also contacted local officials to demand that the restaurant compensate all other customers who might have been affected.

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Anonymous said...

Never stiff a Jew, intentionally
or unintentionally. You'll pay somehow.