Sunday, December 28, 2014

Jewish power in Britain: Tough new laws to combat the surge in "anti-Semitic abuse"

Ministers are unleashing a tough new crackdown to combat rising "anti-Semitism" in Britain following a surge of "sickening attacks" against the Jewish community. Jewish schools will be given funding for extra security while tough punishments for online "hate crime" are to be brought in under a “zero-tolerance” approach. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles warns that the “dark forces” of anti-Semitism have returned following an upsurge of "anti-Semitic attacks" in 2014. Pickles says that new measures to stamp out anti-Semitism on university campuses will be introduced and pledged that all schoolchildren will be taught about the holocaust. He also vows to kick anti-Semitism out of football, insisting work is already underway to achieve this, and warns that supermarkets and local councils will be hauled over the coals for “irresponsible” behavior. “The irrational hatred of Jews is like cancer,” Pickles writes. “Once beaten it can come back. It lurks in the shadows, and in 2014 there has been a revolting relapse of this ancient evil. Sadly Britain has not been immune. We share this shame. Institutions that should have stood up to this thuggish behavior did not. Like the Holborn branch of Sainsbury’s, clearing their shelves of kosher food to satisfy anti-Israeli yobs outside. This casual acceptance of anti-Semitism was outrageous.” Vivian Wineman, President at the Board of Deputies of British Jews said: “Anti-Semitic incidents on both British streets but also online, particularly through social media, struck at the British Jewish community’s sense of well-being and identity. The Board is reassured to see the advances being made to address a number of issues and by the government’s positive attitude generally.” Apparently the Tories in Britain are as much under the control of Jews as the GOP is in the United States.

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