Saturday, August 13, 2016

Britain: Police too scared to stop vote rigging in Muslim areas, damning report finds

The study, headed by Eric Pickles, found that authorities are not doing enough to stamp out bullying and religious intimidation among South Asian authorities during the lead up to elections. The report has even called for a dramatic overhaul of the electoral system, warning that the integrity of democracy is at stake. The Electoral Commission also came under fire for making the situation worse by encouraging the use of foreign language, with Pickles saying that it leaves the door open to fraud. Pickles was chosen by David Cameron to head-up the electoral fraud commission following the voting scandal in Tower Hamlets, East London. Former mayor of Tower Hamlets Luftur Rahman was relieved of his position after he was found guilty of corrupt and illegal practises. The report found that police were unwilling to step in because of a supposed fear of claims of discrimination despite one voter being told that he would burn in hell if he voted for the wrong candidate. Pickles, a Government anti-corruption champion, said that police did not act on tip-offs as they were too concerned about being pro-active on some issues because of potential allegations of discrimination.

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