Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Visiting India? According to the country's tourism minister, foreign women shouldn't wear short dresses or skirts while there

They also shouldn't walk alone at night. Both of those tips are included in the safety advice given to women in a welcome kit tourists receive when they enter the country, Mahesh Sharma said recently, explaining that "Indian culture is different from the western" when it comes to things like clothing. The comments come amid a slew of sexual assaults and attacks on both locals and female tourists in India, and caused a bit of an outcry. The irresponsible remarks illustrate the syndrome of blaming women for assaults, says one gender equality advocate.

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Anonymous said...

I blame women for getting drunk and hanging out with young men, especially black men.

The mistake white men made was to accept the idea that women act like men. Especially when it comes to sex. The Indians, while certainly not perfect, seem willing to form a cohesive male response to feminism.