Friday, August 5, 2016

Morocco's Hassan Saada was set to square off in the boxing ring against a Turkish competitor at the Olympics, but instead he'll be in a Rio jail

The 22-year-old athlete was arrested at the Olympic Village on charges that he sexually assaulted two maids (some reports have them listed as waitresses). The chief investigator in the case told reporters the women filed a report that he restrained and fondled them after asking them to come to his room. Saada is accused of shoving one woman against the wall and trying to kiss her; he's alleged to have groped the breast of the second woman and made obscene hand gestures. Police say that he lured them over by asking them to pose for a picture with him. Brazilian law allows a suspect to be held "for a long period" during a crime investigation.


danny00804 said...

Surprise, surprise. But isn't it racist to disagree with his culturally acceptable behavior? I mean if rape is cool in his Muslim homeland, who are we to judge? /sarcasm

Luke Raines said...

Danny, I know you are being sarcastic but that is the way some on the left think. For example, when the German women were attacked by Syrian migrants last New Year's Eve, many leftists blamed the women for the incidents.