Sunday, August 7, 2016

Gays are destroying the Catholic Church in Ireland

Niall O'Dowd looks at the gay crisis plaguing the Irish Catholic Church in their main seminary at Maynooth:
There is evidence of gay dating sites being widely used, of cover ups reaching the higher echelons, of straight novices being shunned if they report any such incidents, of a heterosexual student fired when he reported two seminarians having sex in bed – the list goes on and on. There has been a gay culture predominant in Maynooth seminary for decades according to experts who know. Now Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has called it into the open. He stated about Maynooth seminary that there is an atmosphere of strange goings-on there. “It seems like a quarrelsome place with anonymous letters being sent around. I don’t think this is a good place for students,” Archbishop Martin said. As a result Martin has pulled his Dublin archdiocese seminarians out and sent them to the Irish College in Rome to continue their clerical studies.

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