Sunday, June 27, 2010

9 people have been shot dead in an attack on a drug rehabilitation center in northern Mexico

Unidentified gunmen opened fire at the center in the city of Gomez Palacio, Durango state. The bodies were found in different parts of the center, which had nearly 50 patients. Earlier in June 2010, a similar attack on another drug rehabilitation center in northern Mexico left 19 people dead. In recent years, dozens have died in similar attacks. Such shootings are blamed on drug traffickers, who accuse the clinics of protecting dealers from rival gangs. Also, police say drug cartels use rehabilitation clinics to recruit hit-men and smugglers - and threaten to kill those who fail to co-operate. Durango state deputy attorney general Ramiro Ortiz said the owner of the center attacked in Gomez Palacio was among the dead and appeared to have been the main target.

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