Monday, June 21, 2010

Children at racially mixed schools consistently score lower grades than their peers at predominantly white or black schools

Dutch sociology professor Jaap Dronkers has carried out research into the pros and cons of ethnic diversity in secondary education. He compared student achievement in language, math and physics of 15-year-old children in 15 Western countries. Much to his surprise, students’ grades were inversely proportional to ethnic diversity. He interpreted lower student achievement at ethnically diverse schools to mean that a great deal of energy is spent on bridging the various cultural gaps between students. As a result, teachers are unable to focus on teaching. They keep hopping from one culture to the next. It uses up time and energy not spent on teaching. Another noteworthy finding from his research are the generally below-average achievements of students with an Islamic background.


Michael said...

Here's another mixed-race adoption success, from Australia:

Grandson remanded over wardrobe murder

A 22-year-old Sydney man has been remanded in custody, accused of murdering his adoptive grandmother whose body was found in her wardrobe on Friday.

Family members found the body of 80-year-old Doreen McClelland in her Peakhurst home in Sydney's south on Friday evening, about a month after she lost her husband.

It is understood she was stabbed in the cheek.

Her adopted grandson, Tilak Huon, spent the night in custody after being arrested at his workplace at North Cronulla yesterday afternoon...

Mr Walsh said the accused had been hospitalised several times for psychological issues.

He said the problems stemmed partially from his adoption as a baby from Sri Lanka.

Who would have guessed?

Average Joe said...


Thanks for the news story. It is amazing to me that trans-racial adoptions are still permitted when so many of these adoptees grow up with serious psychological issues.