Monday, June 28, 2010

Mexican singer Sergio Vega has been shot dead only hours after he had denied reports he had been murdered

The singer, known as El Shaka, told a website he had increased security measures after a number of Mexican musicians were killed. Musicians performing narcocorridos, songs celebrating the lives of drug barons, often become the targets of rival drug gangs. Gunmen opened fire on Mr Vega on his way to a concert in Sinaloa state. Mexican media reported Vega was driving his red Cadillac when a truck started following him. Shortly after, shots were fired at the car, injuring Vega and making him lose control of the vehicle and crashing it. The gunmen then finished Vega off with shots to the head and chest. Police confirmed they found spent bullet shells next to the driver's door. Vega had increased his security measures after the killing in 2007 of Sergio Gomez, the singer of Grupero band K-Paz de la Sierra. Gomez was kidnapped after a concert in Michoacan, at which Vega had also performed. He was found strangled days later. At least seven Grupero musicians have been killed over the past three years. Police have blamed drug gangs for the killings. They say musicians who celebrate the lives of drug barons in their lyrics often become targets for rival drug gangs.

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