Saturday, September 15, 2012

A black suspect sought by the NYPD after being accused of raping a woman he met at an Occupy Wall Street protest has been arrested

He also faces charges of raping a young teen in August 2012. Police said that 44-year-old Jackie Barcliff forced the 56-year-old woman to accompany him to the elevated level of the new Pier 15 overlooking the East River in lower Manhattan before raping her. Authorities said that after the rape, Barcliff threw the woman over the second-story railing to the ground below, causing her pelvis to break. The victim was in Manhattan to participate in Occupy commemoration protests. Police said that she recognized the suspect at other OWS gatherings. Barcliff, who is homeless, has been charged with attempted murder, rape and criminal sex act. In addition, Barcliff has also been charged with the August 12, 2012 rape of a 14-year-old girl in Midtown. Barcliff offered the victim a place to stay for the night and, during the night, raped her. Barcliff was arrested for assault and resisting arrest in December 2011 at Liberty Plaza, one of the Occupy protest sites. He has frequented other Occupy protests in the past.

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