Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Florida: Minority students in Broward continue to trail their white peers in academic indicators such as graduation rates

Black students in Broward’s public schools — particularly black male students — continue to struggle when compared to their peers, according to a report released by Broward school district leaders. When it comes to academic performance indicators such as graduation rates, Hispanic students trail their white classmates, and black students are even further behind. During the 2010-11 academic year, the graduation rate among white, non-Hispanic male students was nearly 85%; for Hispanic male students it was roughly 76%; and for male black students it was less than 60%. Female students graduated at higher rates, but there were still discrepancies between races: 89% of white female students graduated, while more than 82% of Hispanic students graduated, and about 71% of female black students graduated. The results are only slightly different from the previous year, but the gap between white and minority students is growing: white students’ graduation rates are inching up, while black and Hispanic students’ graduation rates are slightly down. Broward is hardly alone in having student achievement gaps — districts around the state and the nation are struggling with similar issues. Still, Broward’s 59.6% graduation rate among black male students is lower than Miami-Dade’s 65.9% graduation rate, and Florida’s 64.3% rate.

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