Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why is this election even close?

John Hinderaker deals with a topic that I have wondered about myself:
On paper, given Obama’s record, this election should be a cakewalk for the Republicans. Why isn’t it? I am afraid the answer may be that the country is closer to the point of no return than most of us believed. With over 100 million Americans receiving federal welfare benefits, millions more going on Social Security disability, and many millions on top of that living on entitlement programs–not to mention enormous numbers of public employees–we may have gotten to the point where the government economy is more important, in the short term, than the real economy. My father, the least cynical of men, used to quote a political philosopher to the effect that democracy will work until people figure out they can vote themselves money. I fear that time may have come.
The fact that over 25% of the population is black or Hispanic also helps to undermine our once great nation. In addition, we have a Jewish controlled media that seems to be working night and day to destroy our country by advocating suicidal government policies. Finally, a significant minority of our female population seems to believe that the universe revolves around abortion and birth control pills. For these women, access to contraceptives is more important than issues such as jobs and crime.

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