Saturday, September 15, 2012

Britain: Chief Rabbi accuses atheist of making a “profoundly anti-Semitic” remark by criticising the Old Testament

Lord Sacks claimed that a remark in Prof Dawkins’s best-selling book The God Delusion, likening God as portrayed in Jewish scriptures to a fictional villain, was based on centuries of prejudice. He said that although Prof Dawkins does not believe in God, he was nevertheless a “Christian atheist” as opposed to a “Jewish atheist”. Prof Dawkins, an Oxford evolutionary biologist, dismissed the allegation as “ridiculous” and said he was not “anti-Jewish” just “anti-God”. Just goes to show that, to some Jews, everyone is an anti-Semite even "Christian atheists" which sounds like the ultimate oxymoron to me.


Anonymous said...

The faster European people get rid of Middle Eatern people and their belief systems including Christanity the better.

Rufus said...

The UK's Chief Rabbi...It is unbelievable that the UK even has a Chief Rabbi! Isn't it time that the Edict of 1290 was enforced and all the Self-Chosen were shipped out to their promised land?

Anonymous said...

Dawkins should know it is pointless to debate with a Jew since he will dismiss all criticism, no matter how legitimate, as anti-Semitism.