Sunday, November 4, 2012

According to Gallup 90% of African Americans intend to back Obama and they plan to turn out at the same rate as white voters

African Americans, as a group, are far worse off now than they were when Obama came to power and the gap between whites and blacks in terms of wealth and income has increased under Obama's tenure. The overall rate of unemployment may be close to where it was when Obama took office, but black unemployment is up 11%. Meanwhile the wealth gap has doubled during this recession with the average white American now having 22 times more wealth than their black counterparts. So too has the educational achievement gap with the rate at which white Americans graduate from high school growing at a far faster clip than black students. The ascent of America's first black president has coincided with one of the steepest descents of the economic fortunes of black Americans since the second world war both in real terms and relative to whites. The group that has fared worse under Obama is not only the group most likely to support him but also the most likely to feel optimistic about the deteriorating situation in which they find themselves.


Anonymous said...

The fact that Barry Soetero is an incompetent fraud who should be in the Big House not the White House means nothing to blacks. They vote on skin color.

A.J. said...

We're fast approaching the point where elections are nothing but racial head counts. Most Whites seem blissfully ignorant of this reality and their imminent dispossession.