Tuesday, April 23, 2013

According to preliminary figures from the Police Department, 418 murders were recorded in 2012 in New York City

Among the victims, 84% were men, 60% were black, 27% were Hispanic, and 9% were white. Among the known assailants, 93% were men; 53% were black and 35% were Hispanic. In other words, blacks and Hispanics committed 88% of homicides in New York City in 2012.


Anonymous said...

As THE KNOWN ASSAILENTS blacks and Hispanics committed 88% of homicides in NYC in 2012.
The Corrupt Liberal Media censors the percentage of the white perpetrators.

Murder Mysteries: Percentage of killings that go unsolved has risen alarmingly across the United States

Anonymous said...

There are reasons for so many unsolved murders. Have you seen what is being called a police officer now? I sneer every time I see a fat black female cop. Affirmative action fills the police ranks now as well as detective. Notice on the tv real cop shows the detectives who are working to solve the crime and the black dicks who are standing there in their suits trying to look knowledgeable. Cop shows where police are trying to make arrests with the black cops calling the black perps, "bro" It's okay man we's just doing our jobs.
Most crime is committed by blacks and blacks have a no snitch policy, they do not cooperate with police. The media that's, TV and so called newspapers, also have a no snitch policy as long as it's not a White person who has committed the crime.
Poverty and lack of education has nothing to do with crime. Low IQ and no values does.