Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why does the United States keep taking in sharia-crazed Stone Age Muslim terrorists like the Tsarnaev brothers from Chechnya?

How many of these jihadist “refugees” can the United States as a society survive?


Anonymous said...

They are coming here for a better life.

Anonymous said...

Because the USA is controlled now by Sabbatean Jews :

More info about Sabbatean Jews :

About Hitler, Zionism, Sabbatean Jews, the New World Order :

Search Terms :

" Sabbatean Jews + Nazis"

" Sabbatean Jews + The Muslim Brotherhood"

"Sabbatean Jews + The New World Order"

YouTube Search :

" Sabbatean Jews + Nazis"

" Sabbatean Jews + New World Order"

The USA is under the control of Sabbatean Jews, just as Nazi Germany was, just as the Communist Soviet Union was.

" Hitler's Jewish Soldiers"

" Hitler's Jewish Army"

" Hitler's Muslim Legions"

"Hitler + The Muslim Brotherhood"

" Eustace Mullins + New World Order pdf"

Mullins is an excellent historian. For all of his works :

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links Joe.

Anonymous said...

Because Chechnyans will do the jobs Americans won't do?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there are too many Americans involved in Satanism and Freemasonry. Freemasonry being Satanic on the higher levels, higher degrees and orders.

It's the Satanists and the Freemasons who give the Sabbatean banking ruling-class power,force, and credence.

The Freemasons/Satanists are the foot-soldiers, so to speak, for our Sabbatean banking over-lords.

The Freemason lodges are the main reason the Sabbateans are ascendant. Freemasons carry out the bankers plans ; Freemasons buttress the power of the banking class. The bankers being Sabbatean Jews as well:

The more non-Jews -- and the more Jews -- involved in Freemasonry, renounce Freemasonry, the better chance we'll have of defeating the New World Order.

All the Freemasons in the military,the government,in Hollywood and on Madison Ave,in academe, corporate America, etc. work for the Sabbateans, however directly, however indirectly, whether they realize it or not. The Freemasons on high levels know it fully well, however.

Germany was set-up purposely to be destroyed during WW2. That was the purpose the Banking Sanhedrin created and built the Third Reich n the first place ; To destroy Germany and weaken Germany and Europe, making Europe more susceptible and vulnerable to the New World Order.

34-40 million whites lost their lives in WW2. Many dead before reproducing. An eternal loss for the White Race. The very reason the white race is so weakened today.

I'm not proselytizing. I wish present the Catholic viewpoint of Nazism/Fascism and WW2, however. The Catholic Church was the only Institution in the world opposed to the internecine-genocidal war we call WW2.

The Catholic viewpoint is left out of both the Zionist and the WN "narratives" concerning the Third Reich. It can shed a lot of light on the present day situation concerning the New World Order.


Search Term :

"Maurice Pinay + The Plot Against The Church pdf "

"Bella Dodd + Communist Takeover of the Catholic Church"

The Catholic Church had to be destroyed because She was against the White Race internecine-genocidal war we call WW2 ; The Church tried to safeguard the genetic heritage of the White Race : The forces in the world that want a New World Order couldn't have that.

Now, unfortunately, the Vatican is a part of the NWO :

Search Terms :

"Vatican Threatened With Nuclear Attack During 1958 Papal Conclave"

" Sabbatean Jews + Freemasonry"

" Sabattean Jews Own Freemasonry"

" Who Owned IG Farben During World War Two"

The more people who are involved in Freemasonry -- on whatever level, whatever order or degree -- Renounce Freemasonry, the better chance we have of defeating the New World Order.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, I made a typo error in the link about the Rothschilds.

It's :

Read what Eustace Mullins says about Nazis at :

Article entitled :

" Acronym NAZI is from "Nationalist Zionist"

Eustace Mullins is one of our most honest historians. He was a white Christian American, truly patriotic. He greatly suffered in his life to bring us truth : He paid a heavy price to bring us truth.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

More about " The Rothschilds, Hitler, Holocaust & Zionist World Government :

At YouTube, a 3 hour video. Very informative :

The last digit is "Zero".

Or, go to YouTube, type in :

"The Rothschilds, Hitler, Holocaust, Israel, Zionist World Government"

Many other YouTube videos about this subject as well.

A website about Israel and Turkey, 2 big trouble-makers in the Middle East, the 2 countries work together to foment turmoil and war throughout the Middle East, and terrorism around the world, including the US :

Search terms :

"The Muslim Brotherhood + Nazis"

"The Muslim Brotherhood + Nazis + Al Qaeda"

"The Muslim Brotherhood" :

From : Joe