Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Muslim terrorism in Europe: Spanish police have detained an Algerian and a Moroccan suspected of having tried to join a branch of al Qaeda in Mali during that African country's Islamic insurgency

The detentions followed a yearlong Spanish investigation aided by authorities in France and Morocco, police said. It was the latest crackdown in Western European countries, including Belgium and France, against Muslim residents who are sympathetic to jihadist organizations and who have traveled to countries where al Qaeda-linked militias operate. Some of those have made their way to Syria, others to Mali. Spanish police detained Nou Mediouni, an Algerian, in the northern Spanish city of Zaragoza. He had left for Mali to join al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, but had been forced by unspecified police restrictions in Africa to return to Spain. The other detainee, Hassan el Jaaouani of Morocco, was arrested in Murcia, in southern Spain, after contacting an Islamist recruiter from Mali. Both men in detention had visited Islamist Web pages and online forums.

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Anonymous said...

Al Qaeda is not a grass-roots Muslim movement ; Al Qaeda is not a Muslim organization, not really. Al Qaeda is a CIA/Mossad creation, in service to the Zionist New World Order.

Mali was never any problem until the CIA/Mossad and the Zionists fomented turmoil and war in Mali, as the Zionists are now fomenting turmoil all over Africa -- just as Zionists foment turmoil and war in the Middle East, just as the Zionists foment turmoil and terrorism in Europe and the USA.

About the French invasion of Mali :


Sarkosky is a Jew, and also an intense Zionist.

Search Terms :

"The French Invasion Of Mali"

"Al Qaeda CIA Creation"

"AL Qaeda CIA/Mossad Creation"

"Sarkosky A Jew"

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The Zionists/CIA/Mossad invade countries. Then the CIA/Mossad -- through intermediaries, the intermediaries are Donmeh Jews for the most part, like Osama Bin Laden was a Donmeh Jew -- recruit from the angry members of the invaded country ; They have a reason to be angry as their country was just invaded and their family members and friends are being killed by the Zionists.

The CIA/Mossad then allow them to immigrate to Western countries, and steer the angry Islamic Jihadists to foment turmoil and violence in the West.

Another example : The USA allowed immigration from Iraq at the same time USrael was invading Iraq and destroying Iraq. Another country --another people -- who never did anything to us.

Of course they're going to be angry,the Zionists are destroying their countries, bringing nothing but death and destruction to Muslim countries. Then the CIA/Mossad/Zionists allow them to immigrate to Western countries to get their anger out on us.

I'm opposed to all the wars the Zionists are fomenting. The wars are unfair to the Muslims, and the wars are unfair to us here in the West. The wars only benefit the Zionists. Zionists have a burning desire to control the whole world. Zionists are disgusting.

It's all meant to lead to WW3. The plan of the Zionists is to start another World War. Fuck them.

About the root sources of the New World Order :

"Black Terror, White Soldiers : Islam, Fascism, and The New Age"

by David Livingstone ;


Search Term :

"Sufism + Sabbatean Jews + Dasein"

From : Joe