Sunday, April 28, 2013

Radical Islam — Islamism — advocates global jihad, absolutist intolerance and wanton violence

Why are losers so attracted to Islamic terrorism? Maybe because it allows them to blame all their problems on non-Muslims?

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Anonymous said...

To understand the New World Order, how Zionism and Islamic Jihad help usher in the New World Order for the world's ruling-class, study the role of Sabbatean Jews in world affairs, including the role they play in Islamic Jihad.

Sabbatean Jews were behind Nazi Germany, the Communist Soviet Union - and world-wide Communism in general - they're behind die-hard war-mongering Zionism and die-hard war-mongering Islamic Jihad as well:

Islamic Jihad is a reaction to die-hard war-mongering Zionism. USrael has been attacking Islamic countries since the founding of Israel in 1947.

The USA always had very good diplomatic relations with Arab countries until Zionist Israel showed up on the scene. About the origins of Zionism :

Search terms with "Sabbatean Jews" will access a lot of information.

"Sabbatan Jews + Nazis"

"Sabbatean Jews + New World Order"

"Donmeh Jews + The Muslin Brotherhood"

Donmeh Jews are Jews who pretend to be Muslims. Osama Bin Laden was a Donmeh Jew. Donmeh Jews are also Satanic Sabbateans for the overwhelmingly most part.

Satanism and Sabbateanism are one and the same phenomena.

From : Joe