Sunday, April 28, 2013

Study: People who believe in God are more responsive to treatment of depression

Researchers found that a strong belief in a deity or higher power was associated with better outcomes over the course of treatment: the lessening of depression, reductions in self-harm, and increases in what they called psychological well-being - things like peace of mind, ability to have fun, and satisfaction with life.


Anonymous said...

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From : Joe

I. Renarde said...

Wait, I thought the PC-media said that religion rots your brain!

Odd how they point to Christianity as the rot and not Islam, which we know truly causes brain damage.

Anonymous said...

The reason why they are more likely to attack Christianity than Islam is because they are afraid of Muslims but not Christians. Look at how the media have been falling all over themselves trying to downplay the Muslim backgrounds of the Chechen terrorists in Boston.