Monday, September 26, 2011

A black 96-year-old woman has been accused of shooting dead her nephew with a .357 magnum handgun

African-American Amanda Rice Stevenson is the oldest person to ever be charged with murder in the state of Florida. Her nephew 53-year-old Johnny Rice was found dead on the floor of the home he shares with his elderly aunt in St Augustine, Florida. Police said that a .357 Magnum was found at the scene of the shooting. Investigators said that the 96-year-old retired postal worker was involved in a long running dispute with her nephew and police had been called to the house several times recently. Police found Rice dead inside and his aunt in a back bedroom. Rice was shot in the chest with a .357 caliber handgun. Stevenson is being held without bond and taken into custody on a charge of willful homicide. Court records show that she has two previous arrests, one for arson in 1995 and another four years ago for writing a bad check.

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