Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Muslim has been arrested for an al-Qaeda-inspired plot to target the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol with unmanned drones packed with explosives

The 26-year-old Northeastern University grad with a degree in physics is also accused of trying to rig cell phones to blow up improvised explosive devices to maim or kill U.S. soldiers serving overseas. But all the cash for the plot came from undercover FBI agents and he was under constant surveillance. “The public was never in danger,” Boston U.S. Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz said. Even the so-called explosives for the ambush were supplied by the feds to the wanna-be terrorist, prosecutors said. The suspect, Rezwan Ferdaus, intended to stuff the Washington, D.C.-bound remote-controlled aircraft with C-4 plastic explosives. He was also accused of giving undercover FBI agents mobile phones wired to act as an electrical switch for an IED to kill U.S. soldiers serving overseas. He believed those FBI agents were members or recruiters for al-Qaeda and he delighted in the reports his bobby-trapped phones worked, Ortiz said. He faces charges of attempting to provide material support to terrorists — specifically al-Qaeda — to launch those attacks, Ortiz said. His diabolical plot, feds added, was all contained on a computer thumb drive that he shared with undercover agents.

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