Monday, September 26, 2011

A group of British-born Muslim men who planned to commit mass murder with suicide bombing missions in Britain have appeared in court

The Islamic men, who prosecutors said had formed a terror cell, are accused of training in explosives, weapons and poisoning techniques during trips to Pakistan. Some of the group are accused of raising money for terrorism during collections on British streets. The six defendants, who are all from Birmingham and aged from 25 to 32, were arrested by the West Midlands police counter-terrorism unit. Two of the group – Ifran Nasser, 30, and Ifran Khalid, 26 – have been charged with a string of offenses dating from Christmas Day 2010 to September 19, 2011. They are accused of planning a suicide-bombing campaign, making a martyrdom film, recruiting others for terrorist acts, collecting money for terrorism, traveling to Pakistan to learn how to make bombs, weapons and poisons, and advising others on explosives and how to build a home-made bomb. Ashik Ali, 26, is accused of planning a suicide bombing, constructing a home-made bomb, recruiting others for terrorist training, collecting money for terrorism and stating his intention to be a suicide bomber. His brother, university graduate Bahader Ali, 28, and Mohammed Rizwan, 32, are accused of failing to disclose information which could prevent terror attacks. Rahin Ahmed, 25, is accused of helping to fund terrorism acts and assisting others to travel to Pakistan for training in terrorism. All were remanded in custody.

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