Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A woman who has been repeatedly raped begs her captors to kill her in a shocking video that has sparked outrage in Nigeria

Activists in Nigeria say that the video exposes an under-reported epidemic of rape in Africa's most populous nation, and they plan to march in the coming days to draw attention to the case. Nigeria's Youth Minister Bolaji Abdullahi has issued a statement calling for the university and police to arrest and prosecute the men shown in the video, as well as offering assistance to the woman. Rape is rarely reported to authorities in Nigeria — there were only 1,952 cases in 2009, according to federal police statistics posted on a website called Nigeria Police Watch. However, a 2006 Amnesty International report said that those numbers are believed to be sporadic, piecemeal and inconsistent in a nation of 150 million people. Nigeria's federal police force also remains largely incapable of investigating crimes, as its officers routinely harass motorists for bribes at checkpoints and arrest citizens randomly to collect so-called "bail money." Activists say that they fear for the woman shown being attacked in the video, who now may be shunned by those who can identify her face.

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