Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is Obama losing blacks?

According to a Washington Post/ABC News survey, Obama's favorability rating among African-Americans has dropped off a cliff, plunging from 83% to a mere 58% — a drop of 25 points. Nothing is more crucial to Obama’s reelection strategy than a super-strong showing among black voters. In the election of 2008, he was able to increase African-American participation from 11% of the total vote in 2004 to 14%. He carried 98% of black voters. This swing accounted for fully half of his gain over the showing of John Kerry. Now his ability to repeat that performance is in doubt. Obama's personal favorability has taken a big hit even as his job approval has shown no gain. The Post/ABC poll has his rating down to 47%, the first time in his presidency it has dropped below 50. The most recent New York Times/CBS poll had his favorability actually lagging behind his job approval by 4 points — the first time it has ever done so in their polling.

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Anonymous said...

Who cares? The truth is he is not losing blacks. It is a retard Republican mastabatory fantasy that blacks want to act like the dim witted conservative dimwits who like lying to themselves. Blacks don't want to work or trim their lawn with laser like precision like these imbeciles. They want free shit, to partay, and to do whatever they please, they do not want or value responsibility.

Blacks don't care if you do crack in a hotel room with a hooker or kill another black person, they only care if you are black, and will support other blacks no matter what if you are black. Blacks will vote for Obama in the range of 93-98%.

I have come to want to crush the life out of these lying a-holes like Hannity and Limbaugh who think that blacks will act white or behave white, or give a shit about society or work.