Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Nigerian police have arrested two people in connection with the gang-rape of a woman posted on the Internet

Bala Hassan, the commissioner for police in Abia State, said that the two men were detained after cyber activists posted pictures and names online. The video has shocked Nigeria both for the brutal nature of the rape and the initial failure to investigate. There had appeared little chance of the five men who taped themselves sexually assaulting a woman being caught. Despite the video of the rape being widely watched online, officials in Abia State had declared their short investigations over as the victim had not come forward. What followed was a sustained campaign on social networks to force the police back into action and to uncover clues from the video that might identify the culprits. The Nigerian national assembly called on the police to re-open their investigation. Three days later, based purely on names and photos posted online, they have made two arrests. The rape victim also appears to have been located. A women's rights group has said that they are now in touch with her and are trying to get her out of Abia State to where she can receive counseling and medical attention. This high-profile case has highlighted the Nigerian police's refusal to take rape seriously as a crime.

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