Sunday, March 29, 2015

Black criminal shoots white cop: Police Commissioner William Evans has said that Boston police officer John Moynihan remains in critical condition after he was shot without provocation in Roxbury

Evans said at a press conference from the Boston Police Department headquarters that officers approached 41-year-old Hyde Park resident Angelo West’s vehicle without guns drawn and the black man opened fire. West has a violent criminal history with several gun convictions. Investigators say that authorities were in the area because of a previous shooting that took place. Six officers approached West’s car, but they did not have their guns drawn. At that point, West began shooting, hitting Moynihan from point blank range in the face. As West ran away, police say that he continued to shoot at officers and emptied the chamber of his gun before they shot and killed him. Two other people inside the vehicle were taken out by police. Evans said that there were other unrelated charges pending against them. During the shootout, Moynihan, 34, was shot just below the right eye. He remains in critical condition and Evans said the bullet remains lodged near Moynihan’s ear. The six-year officer is currently in a medically-induced coma at Boston Medical Center. Moynihan is a member of the department’s Youth Violence Task Force and is a former Army Ranger who served in Iraq. He was also honored at a White House ceremony where he received the Top Cops Award. “When the bombs went off on Boylston Street, he was one of the first ones there,” Evans said, referring to the Boston Marathon bombings. “When Dic Donohue got shot at Watertown, he was one of the first officers to render aid."

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With each passing month Bull Connor looks better and better. Guys like him knew the story.