Friday, March 6, 2015

By 2020, 50.2% of all children in the United States are expected to be non-white, according to the Census

By 2044, whites will be outnumbered by minorities. The Census study predicts that by 2060, nearly 20% of the population will be foreign born - thanks to an influx of 64 million new immigrants. The populations of Hispanics in the United States will rise 114% - from 55 million in 2014 to 63.6 million in 2060 - making up about 29% of the population. And the number of non-Hispanic whites will likely decline over the next 40 years - from 200 million and 62% of the population now to 182 million and 44% of the population in 2060. The number of people who identified themselves as only black will also decline about 8% to about 59 million. The number of Asian-Americans will also increase dramatically - even more than the Hispanic population - rising 128% to 22 million.

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Anonymous said...

Something tells me that the future USA will not be protecting and advocating the rights of the new minority-- whites.

It will be a Third-World hellhole.