Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Steve Sailer explains why Jews tend to be so pro-immigration

It increases the number of victims available for Jewish swindlers to exploit.


Anonymous said...

I am curious about the phrase "Judeo-Christian heritage." This was not in common usage when I was growing up and I just don't see it in histories, say, of 18th and 19th century America. A recent political development?

Luke Raines said...

That whole "Judeo-Christian" is just pandering to the Jews. It is a politically correct attempt to make it look as if Christianity and Judaism are the same thing when they are obviously very different.

Unknown said...

The phrase "Judeo-Christian heritage" is of recent vintage. Right-wing evangelical Christians became aware in the second half of the 20th century that they were losing cultural power, and have spent an enormous amount of time, effort and money trying to make up for it by accumulating political power. The goal is, and has never ceased to be, for evangelical Christianity to become a state religion, even if enforced through custom and cultural norms rather than law. The appellation "Judeo-Christian" was invented by these same not-too-bright evangelicals in an attempt to reassure Jews (or Jewish organizations) that they'll have a place at the table on that happy day when evangelical Christianity becomes the official religion of America.
The unspoken part of the deal is that the evangelicals agree not to proselytize Jews, and to stop teaching their children that Jews go to hell. The evangelicals have to agree to never, never criticize the state of Israel, the result if they forget being that they must be endlessly denounced as anti-Semites.
For more sophisticated social actors, this essentially political arrangement becomes neo-conservatism, in which Jews are again reassured that they will have a place at the table, except that this time the table is explicitly the table of empire. There is the usual division of power between aging Protestants and affluence Jews.
The entire arrangement is a wholly dis-functional set-up, in which Christians are paid by AIPAC to do obeisance to sensationally mediocre Zionist apparatchik,
while Jews agree not to notice what complete judgmental dicks Christian evangelicals usually are, and both agree not to comment on the other sides' low level of cultural literacy.
I hope that this brief description will provide some enlightenment.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I confess. I, Lawrence Swaim, wrote the above comment. I would not change one word of it, except perhaps to substitute "competency" for "literacy" at the end of the second to last line. For those interested in expanding their knowledge of this fascinating sub-genre of American religiosity, I suggest reading my essay, "How Neoconservatives Became Honorary Christians," which can be summoned up by simply typing the essay's title into your browser.