Sunday, March 15, 2015

Britain: An angry Christian mother fears that her daughter will become a religious minority after she was allocated a place at a Sikh school

Kirsty Jarvis said that 11-year-old Freya has been looking forward to moving up to secondary school in September 2015. But they have been left shocked and upset by the decision by council admissions officers to give her a place at the Khalsa Secondary Academy, despite it not being named as one of her preferred choices. The Sikh faith school opened in the village of Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, in September 2014 despite protests from residents. Jarvis, who lives in the nearby village of Farnham Royal, said that most of Freya’s friends have been allocated places at a school in the town of Beaconsfield. "We’re a practicing Christian family and while we aren’t wanting her to go to a Christian school, my daughter should not be expected to attend a Sikh school," said Jarvis. "We knew we were ever so slightly out of the catchment for a number of our first choices but we never thought we would be given Khalsa. In this day and age I could not imagine ever sending my child to a school where she would become a minority. Although it’s open to all, each day they take students off for morning prayers and my daughter would not be doing that, and she would, therefore, be taken out and isolated. I’m not sure she would be able to cope with that." Khalsa Secondary Academy opened with 180 pupils, and aims to build up to 850. The school intends to cater for students from all backgrounds, with 50% of places prioritised for non-Sikh students. Plans to open the school were put forward by Slough Sikh Education Trust in 2013. Khalsa Primary School was already open in Slough, which is just across the border in Berkshire and has a large Sikh population.


Anonymous said...

Time to say goodbye to the West. The US, UK, Germany, Sweden etc have decided to become degenerate Third World countries. Japan and Russia (although there are many non-Russians from Tsarist expansion into Siberia and the Caucasus and remnants of the Golden Horde, but no 3rd World immigrants) and much of Eastern Europe will remain intact nation-states. I wish them well.

Luke Raines said...

Welcome to multicultural Britain where all cultures are respected except white Christian ones.