Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Changes to immigration law in the 1960s triggered a decades-long surge in arrivals, taking the Hispanic population from just 7 million in 1970 to 57 million today, a number that is set to double by mid-century

At that point one in four Americans will be of Latino descent. America is entering an era of white decline. For almost two centuries, from the time of George Washington's presidency to the election of Ronald Reagan, whites of European descent made up at least 80% of the population. That share is below two-thirds now, and the white majority is set to become a minority by 2044. Today's Hispanics lag behind whites when it comes to education and wealth. Why should we expect it to be any different in the future?


Anonymous said...

Our criminal Rulers have deliberately destroyed us. A Third World hellhole suffering constant racial strife is our future.

Anonymous said...

Somewhat off topic: I am about ready to give up television. I swear, it seems as if I live in Africa. Shows and commercials overloaded with negroes, all either heroic geniuses; strong, capable family men (ha!); or poor, downtrodden victims of white racism (colonialism?). White men are effete and/or slovenly buffoons. Criminals, especially in commercials, are white. Beam me up. At least give me RT for news to go along with pre-1970 reruns and movies. That's all I ask.

On topic: Very few Hispanics on television, despite their having displaced negroes as the #1 minority. I guess the Ruling Class prefers looking like Zimbabwe to looking like Mexico.