Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jewish student admits to swastika hoax In Jewish frat dorm at George Washington University

Another minority-perpetrated "hate crime" hoax. You would think that the blacks and the Jews would get tired of this sort of nonsense by now but apparently they don't.


Anonymous said...

Told my wife yesterday when I saw it on the news......"I bet it was done by some Jewish kid"!

Anonymous said...

In the absence of real "hate crimes" (aka Orwellian Thought Crimes) they need to manufacture them so they can continue to be poor oppressed minorities in need of sympathy and protection from evil whiteys/Gentiles. And, of course, obtain power.

Flanders said...

I suspect this is a contrived instance designed to show the general public how "intolerant" University administrators "must be" when dealing with even the most minor of "hate crimes". Anyone who believes that there will be any real punishment for the jews who "commit" these is deluded.

It is actually aimed at those who WILL suffer REAL penalties, our White people.

I'm wondering if Original Joe is the same as the Real Original Joe who called out Darkmoon as being a jew hasbarat on her Admin posting calling for "no anti-Semitism" after Netanyahu's election. If so, GOOD CALL!