Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A group of black males shouted “This is for Trayvon!” as they beat up a Hispanic man

This is what happens when the Hispanic guy doesn't have a gun. Plus, a photo of Zimmerman's great-grandfather raises questions about so-called racial profiling. And in order to deal with black crime and violence, many cities are enacting curfews.

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Anonymous said...

Yes. And a White man was killed in Georgia the other day by four feral blacks. He didn't have a gun on him either.

The article is at "Council of Conservative Citizens". On the blogroll of Access St Louis.

I wonder if the Feds and the media are going to make a big case out of the White man who was killed by the four feral blacks.

Blacks have been killing Whites in huge numbers since the 1960's. That's NEVER mentioned in the mainstream news. NEVER mentioned, as the mainstream media goads and incites the blacks to kill "whitey". I hate the media with a passion.

Instead of encouraging the blacks -- and everyone else - to get an education and be good citizens, the media just pumps out the worst kind of violence and racial hatred and animosity ; And over blown-out-of-proportion altercations and very contrived bullshit.

From : Salvatore