Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trayvon Martin and the Jews

Another great post from Tanstaafl.

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Anonymous said...

Tanstaafl's "Age-Of-Treason" is a very good website. Very informative website. Excellent article about Trayvon and the whole situation.

Another good article about Obama, Jews, Communists, Trayvon,etc ;

"President Obama : Trayvon Could've Been Me 35 Years Ago";

The commentary thread is especially informative also as is the article. A lot of readers leave very good, solid info about Jews, Communists, Race-Hustlers, Obama, and Sanford :

Article Dated : July 20th

Also :

"Al Sharpton's Justice Department".

About how the Race Hustlers are turning Sanford into a giant issue :

From : Armenius