Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Mexican drug cartel known for kidnapping random civilians and beheading its rivals has expanded its operations into the United States

Isn't immigration and diversity wonderful?

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Anonymous said...

Extremely unfortunately, it's easy for the Mexican drug cartel. We have a president who worked hand-in-hand with the Mexican drug cartel running illegal weaponry into the States :

"Obama + Operation Fast And Furious"

While Obama wants to ban guns for honest American citizens, he worked with the Mexican mob to run guns into the US to arm criminal gangs : Criminal Mexican gangs in the Mid-West.

And all the "law makers" in Washington who want to grab our guns know fully well all about "Operation Fast and Furious".

They know more about it than I do, that's for sure, yet they still want to take our guns away - while all the criminal gangs are armed to-the-teeth. Many because of Obama's gun-running operation. All of our "law makers" in Washington know about this. It is not a secret.

From : Joe