Friday, July 19, 2013

Justice Department: Blacks are at least seven times more likely than people of other races to commit violent crimes and young black men are the most dangerous people in America

Is it now a hate crime for a "racist" to use violence in self-defense against a black assailant?


Anonymous said...

The commies in Washington are not going to give up. They were hoping Zimmerman would get thrown in prison and use that as a precedent as a means to undermine and eventually get rid of "Stand Your Ground" laws ; Then use that as an excuse to eventually take guns away from law-abiding White Americans. That's The Ultimate Goal of the commies in Washington.

They're inciting the lowest-level and most criminal blacks against us to use as a type of army against White America. They couldn't care less about blacks. They're just using the lowest criminal type blacks as a device to Take Away Our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Now that Zimmerman was found Not Guilty, they're going to try other ways.

Al Sharpton and other commies have arranged marches and protests this coming Saturday in a lot of State Capitals across the country. They will marching in the name of "Taking Guns Away From Whites". Coming this Saturday.

In the meantime, the ones who want to take away guns from law-abiding White Americans NEVER mention the huge underground gun/weapons black-market. That's where the criminals but their guns as they can't pass the background checks. The underground black-market in weapons in the US is NEVER publicly discussed. Never.

How truly mislead and how truly misruled we are. And the White "law-makers" NEVER say anything about the huge underground black-market trade in weapons either.

I'll stop here because I'm totally disgusted right now. I don't want to start using curse words. This is not the proper venue.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

Excuse the typo : It's meant to read :

"That's where the criminals BUY their guns as they can't pass the background checks" : On the Underground Black-Market. Yet, this subject is NEVER mentioned when the topic of "gun-control" comes up.

Excuse the typo. I make typos when I get angry.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

Search term to learn what cities the blacks will be protesting in and rioting at -- most likely there will be violence -- this Saturday July 20th :

" Planned Saturday July 20th Protests Trayvon"

All White Americans : Be especially careful, street-wise, and alert tomorrow. If the protests are going to be taking place in your city -- Avoid the area where the protest is being held, usually the downtown areas -- and be wary everywhere you go.

These marches are NOT spontaneous grass-root protests. They are planned and paid for by the Eric Holder, the black Attorney General, in league with the Communist party of the US.

Be especially wary and alert tomorrow. DO NOT, DO NOT, let your children or your elderly out of your sight. Stand Guard.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

The marches tomorrow were planned about a week ago. I just found out about the July 20th Trayvon protest marches because of Salvatore's post. His warning to us about tomorrow's protests.

I have to wonder : With so many websites supposedly dedicated to what's best for White Americans -- not ONE of the webmasters of any of the White websites told us White American readers about tomorrow's protests. Not One.

Instead of warning us White Americans about the up-coming protests so maybe some White Americans wouldn't naively get caught in the middle of a giant and angry protest, the "White" webmasters of all these supposedly "White" websites didn't mention anything about tomorrow's protests. Not One Damn Word about it to help warn us White Americans.

From : Armenius

Anonymous said...

Barry Soetero and his henchman Holder are stoking the fires of racism. I have stated on the internet a number of times that the fraud that now occupies the White House has no intention of ever vacating that office. Barry usurped that office, with lots of help, admittedly. There is no way an usurper will leave the office he usurped peacefully. Watch for some reason for the criminal duo to enact martial law. That will dissolve the US Constitution even more than it has already been dissolved and Obama with his cohorts will seize control of the US.