Thursday, July 25, 2013

Puerto Rican says that Jewish politician should apologize to Latinos for using the pseudonym "Carlos Danger"

Was Anthony Weiner being racist when he chose his weird Internet name?


Anonymous said...

I don't blame the Puerto Rican at all. I think the Puerto Rican is right in wanting an apology. If a Puerto Rican had labeled himself, "Bernie Danger", we'd never hear the end of it from the kikes.

The Jews are disgusting. They lie about Italians all the time in their putrid movies and their filthy mendacious history books. They lie about every group of people, constantly scapegoating other groups of people for crimes the Jews themselves commit.

During World War Two, for example, the Italians in Italy did everything they could to protect the Jews from the Nazis. The Italians risked their lives to help. One would never know it from reading the history books.

Many Polish Catholics helped Jews also. Many wound up in the IG Farben concentration camps and/or brutally murdered for trying to help Jews in Nazi occupied areas.

Not only the Jews don't acknowledge this, they actually complain in their filthy history books that no one helped. Even though many Catholics were thrown into concentration camps and brutally murdered for trying to help.

After the Italians did so much to help the Jews during the war; After the war, they still made their putrid dirty movies about Italian mobsters, blaming Italians for crimes the Jews were committing -- NOT Italians. Like depicting Italian mobsters of flooding Black neighborhoods with heroin and all kinds of drugs. The Jews flooded the Black neighborhoods with drugs, NOT the Italians -- not even the Italian criminals.

Of course, the Jews always forget to mention that the Jews themselves played a GIANT ROLE in creating and building the Third Reich in the very first place.

I agree with the Puerto Rican. Although I agree -- I think's it's a much more important matter :

When are the Jews going to apologize for the Jew MOSSAD WAR CRIME AGAINST THE USA THEY COMMITTED ON SEPTEMBER 11,2001?

The Mossad attacked the United States on 9/11 -- with tons of help from Jews living in the US. Tons of help and assistance. The Jews still insist the Arabs attacked us on 9/11. And each and every fuckin Jew in the US knows fully well it was a Jew Job.

The Puerto Rican deserves an apology from the Jews. And the Jews need to apologize to all Americans as well.

The crimes the Jews committed/commit against the USA could fill the main branch of the New York Metropolitan Museum with encyclopedias. The Jews have committed more crimes against the US than all other groups of people in the US out together.

The Jews have yet to apologize for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. McKinley was assassinated by a Jew also. All of our assassinated presidents have been shot [or poisoned] by Jews.

The Jews are truly a back-stabbing, murderous, atavistic people.

The US has been the best country in all of history for the Jews, IN RETURN, the Jews are now trying to start a Race War. The Race War the Jews fomented in the 1960's wasn't enough to satiate Jew warmongering. That blacks are attacking and killing White Americans every day in record numbers is not enough for the Jews. They want out-right war in the streets of America.

The Jews are truly a filthy dirty bane on the US.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

Excuse the typo. It's meant to read :

"The Jews have committed more crimes against the US than all other groups of people in the US PUT together."

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

When I said "every fuckin Jew in the US knows fully well 9/11 was a Jew Job", I meant : Every fuckin Jew in the US knew fully well it was a Jew Job the very day it happened. Many Jews, as well, knew it was going to happen before it even happened. Many Jews living in the US were part of the WAR CRIME against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA committed by Jews on September 11, 2001.

From : Salvatore