Friday, July 12, 2013

In 2011, 91% of all blacks murdered that year were killed by their own people

Of course, many blacks refuse to accept the reality of crime in their community.


Anonymous said...

And the other 9% of blacks killed are killed by Hispanics and Mexicans. Yet, I never hear the blacks get "angry" about that.

In Sanford, an Hispanic and a black get into an altercation, the black dies in the altercation, the blacks get "angry" at White Americans. Amazing.

How come the blacks don't go to LA and protest all the blacks getting killed by Mexicans and Hispanics?

How come one hardly hears the blacks trying to figure out how to end all the black on black killing? Why don't they get "angry" about their own blacks killing their fellow blacks down in record numbers, and go protest in their own black neighborhoods against their very own murderers?

How come they never get "angry" about all the White Americans who get killed at the hands of blacks? Not only they don't get "angry", they support their black criminals and black murderers -- to an extremely large degree they do.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

It was pretty amazing how quick Al Sharpton and his black panthers showed up in Sanford declaring War against White Americans because of an altercation between an Hispanic and a black.

There are altercations between Hispanics and blacks every night in cities all across America. Altercations between Hispanics and blacks in which blacks get killed. What made Sanford different?

What was it about this Sanford altercation between an Hispanic and a black that it turned into a giant white/black issue and the black panthers declaring War against White Americans?

The black panthers showed up exactly on cue as if their black panthers bags were packed before the incident. That's how quick Al Sharpton and the black panthers showed up in Sanford, as if they knew before hand to get ready to go to Sanford.

There's something about Sanford that is very contrived and planned. As if it was planned to start a Race War. And how quick the media -- both the mainstream media and many so-called "alternative" websites -- were to turn the Sanford incident into a giant white/black issue.

And how quick Trayvon's mother "trade-marked" Trayvon's name. I never heard of anyone "trade-marking" the name of a son -- or any kind of relative -- who was killed in an altercation. As if she was expecting to get royalty checks from the Hollywood movie Hollywood will eventually make about Trayvon.

It's all very contrived. Very fishy. Very suspicious. And Zimmerman's father was a Federal Court judge . Amazing.

From : Armenius

Anonymous said...

If you are White that cancels all and any other qualifications or assets you have or contributions you may have made to the good of society. It's a black's world.
St. Martin's stepmother and father have already won 1,000,000 dollars from the race lottery by the Home Owner's Association they will win even more when this feminine jury finds Zimmerman guilty, sometimes today.