Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nearly 15% of all blacks have diabetes, a rate that is about four times the national average

In addition, the rate of HIV/AIDS among blacks is nine times higher than for whites. Blacks account for about 13% of the U.S. population, yet 49% of the cases of HIV/AIDS. Also, black men are 30% more likely to die of heart disease than non-Hispanic white males and about 40% of blacks have high blood pressure. Finally, more than half of black women (53%) and more than a third of black men (36%) are obese. Overall in the United States, the rate among adults is 26%.


Anonymous said...

The diabetes issue is nothing really. Since the Zimmerman/Trayvon altercation, 11,106 blacks were MURDERD by OTHER BLACKS in the US.

Since the Zimmerman/Trayvon altercation, Blacks have KILLED 11,106 Blacks in the US !!! Amazing.

And not one word of "anger" from Al Sharpton about it or any other black leader, or any black in America period.

From : Joe

Anonymous said...

Also off-topic, but important :

" Government Caught Paying Protestors After Trayvon Martin Shooting To Create Racial Division" :


Also, for more info :


From : Jimmy

Luke Raines said...

And not one word of "anger" from Al Sharpton about it or any other black leader, or any black in America period

It really is hypocritical how the blacks only make a big deal about a black victim killing when the killer is a non-black. If Trayvon had been killed by another black then most blacks would not have given a damn.

Anonymous said...

@ Luke Raines

You're off-target, Raines,in what you say. You forgot a lot in your analysis. You're off-target.

The blacks never get "angry" or in any way protest against the Mexicans in Los Angles killing blacks every night. So the blacks don't care about that.

Why doesn't Stevie Wonder "boycott" LA ? Mexicans are killing blacks in LA/Compton every night. Why doesn't Al Sharpton or any black period get "angry" about that?

Why doesn't Stevie Wonder "boycott" Washington? Obama and his black Attorney General supplied the Mexicans in LA
[and the Mid-West] with the guns the Mexicans are using to kill blacks with. Why doesn't any black "leader" or any black period get "angry" about that? So the blacks don't care about that.

The "anger" is very selective and self-serving. The "anger" is hypocritical and phony to the Nth degree.

Zimmerman is Not white. The media labeled Zimmerman as "White", the blacks get "angry". And the blacks Fully Well Know Zimmerman isn't White, by the way. They just want an excuse to get "Whitey". The media gave them the excuse. However phony the excuse, doesn't matter. It's an excuse, a "justification" for criminality against White Americans.

The media gave the blacks the excuse -- the "go ahead" to make a giant big-deal about the Sanford altercation. Yet, Whites aren't killing blacks.

Blacks are killing blacks and Hispanics/Mexicans and other third-world types are killing blacks every night across America. And the blacks Fully Well Know It.

Yet, the blacks NEVER get angry with the Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans or the Hispanics killing blacks every night across the US. Never :

Not until the media conveniently labeled the Hispanic Zimmerman "White". Even though the blacks Know Fully Well Zimmerman is NOT-White, the blacks Fully Well Know Zimmerman is an Hispanic, the blacks STILL have their target on White Americans nonetheless.

White Americans are now getting attacked in large numbers because the mendaciously media labeled Zimmerman "White". Again, the blacks know he isn't White. Doesn't matter to them. They have their "excuse" and their "justification" ; It doesn't take much, as should be blatantly obvious to ALL White Americans.

They are now angry at Zimmerman and all of White America, yet they NEVER protested against any NON-black yet dark-skinned "killers" of blacks until the media mendaciously labeled Zimmerman "White" : And the blacks know it's a lie too.

They only time the blacks get "angry" if the "killer" is labeled "White". Which the media was very happy to do. Doesn't even matter if the "killer" isn't White.

The blacks Know Fully Well Zimmerman isn't White. All the blacks know it too. Doesn't matter. The media gave them the "go ahead" to pretend Zimmerman is White. That's all that matter to the blacks.

Puerto Ricans/Dominicans and blacks in NYC get into altercations all the time -- many times the blacks involved in the altercations wind up dead. The blacks NEVER get "angry" if an Hispanic or other Non-white kills a black or blacks either.

They NEVER protested any NON-black dark-skinned "killer" of any black or blacks before. NEVER. And NON-black dark-skinned "killers" of blacks has been going on in large numbers since the 1960's.

You're all wrong Luke Raines. I grew up in the Bronx-- I know the streets. This is your second strike-out. You need some more batting practice Raines.

From : Joe